Mercedes Maybach S680

  • 2022 Mercedes Maybach S680

Take in Dubai’s sights by renting a Mercedes S Class from Parklane Car Rental. This roomy car is perfect for both daytime exploration of Dubai’s streets in luxury and style and nighttime activities.

Enjoy the smooth power delivery of these 6.0L V-12 powertrains while relaxing in a luxurious cabin that is incredibly roomy and shows off its unique personality around the corners. Take advantage of the chance to enjoy a leisurely drive with the Maybach S680’s nine-speed automatic transmission, as there are many beautiful selfie locations between Dubai Frame and Dubai Creek Harbor.

Rent Mercedes Maybach S680 in Dubai

Compared to the flashier Rolls-Royce Phantom and Ghost, which are among the most costly ultra-luxury vehicles on the market, the Maybach’s styling is quite subdued.

The Maybach can move through traffic with less attention because of its more understated appearance, which is ideal if you’re a particularly camera-shy millionaire.

Enjoy your vacation in Dubai in style, elegance, and enjoyment by renting a Mercedes Maybach from Parklane Car Rental. Ride along and take advantage of the town’s nightlife. Make a reservation as soon as possible by calling us.

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