Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost is popularly known for its simplicity. Liquid lines give it a dynamic and contemporary profile: an incredible look emphasized by the inconspicuous chiseling at the front and the most recent advancement of the notable grille.

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In a transforming world, nothing is constant but Rolls-Royce built in the most advanced manner so that it can fit with today’s lifestyle. 

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  • Vehicle length: 5399 mm / 212.6 in
  • Vehicle width: 1948 mm / 76.7 in
  • Vehicle height (unladen): 1550 mm / 61.0 in
  • Wheelbase: 3295 mm / 129.7 in
  • Head room, front: 1030 mm / 40.6 in
  • Head room, rear: 990 mm / 39.0 in
  • Boot volume: 490 ltr / 17.3 cu ft
  • Fuel tank capacity: 82.5 ltr / 18.15 Imp gal
  • Fuel management: Direct injection
  • Displacement: 6592 cc / 402.24 cu in*
  • Stroke: 88.3 mm / 3.48 in
  • Bore: 89.0 mm / 3.5 in

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