Mclaren 570s Spider

  • Car hire In Dubai parklane
  • Car hire In Dubai parklane

This is the car every sports person and car racer want to drive. If you are one of them then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Rent Mclaren 570s Spider from Parklane Car Rental in Dubai.

Mclaren 570s Spider powered by McLaren’s familiar twin-turbocharged, flat-plane-crank V-8 that was designed with the English engineering firm Ricardo, screams to 8200 rpm and makes 562 horsepower—to dash to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and to return quarter-mile times in the high-10-second range.

Mclaren 570s Spider has won millions of hearts. It undoubtedly belongs to racing. Because of the carbon body and ideal weight distribution, this car provides exceptional grip and comfort during the journey.

Hire this car, you won’t regret it. It has unlimited advantages – 1) Eye friendly design 2) Splendid color combination 3) Rich interior 4) Ground-breaking turbo motor and so on.

This supercar surely gives you goosebumps. Hire this car for birthday parties, holidays, or anything else.

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