Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast is the fastest and most powerful Ferrari ever built with the exception of the limited-edition 12-cylinder rear engine. Moreover, The Ferrari 812 Superfast inaugurates a new era in Ferrari’s 12-cylinder history and builds on the priceless legacy of the Ferrari F12berlinetta and the Ferrari F12 TDF.

Moreover, The Ferrari 812 Superfast is supported at the rear by new, well-thought-out electronic systems that anticipate your driving and therefore all your reactions. They improve speed in quick succession and also reassure the pilot because the GT seems to think faster than the pilot.

Because it’s one of the five fastest rear-drive cars, you’ll have a chance to drive in your life. With the 812 Superfast, Ferrari shows us once again its quest for the ultimate performance in the road car. The formidable updated V12 engine was inflated in 6.5 liters, to provide 789hp and 718Nm.

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