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Rent Aston Martin DBX in Dubai

Everything an Aston Martin is known for, including its beauty, opulence, and power, but in the guise of an SUV. The Aston Martin DBX places no restrictions or concessions on its drivers, allowing you to embrace the spirit of adventure.

Are you an Aston Martin enthusiast? Then rent now Aston Martin DBX from Parklane Car Rental in Dubai. Experience the exhilaration of operating the first SUV Aston Martin has ever built. It is a futuristic SUV. You will get a completely different and thrilling driving experience if you rent this amazing 5-seater 4-wheel drive car. You may be sure that you are in good company given that this is the British automaker who furnished James Bond with his chic vehicles.


Years were invested by Aston Martin in learning how to design a beautiful interior. The back seats provide a tonne of space, which is uncommon in SUVs, and it’s really nicely crafted. The interior is lined with gorgeous, buttery-soft leather and unfinished wood.

There are three different climatic zones, three customizable lighting settings for the ambient lighting, and heated front and rear seats. The seats’ upholstery is made of a full-grain Bridge of Weir leather. Because the driver and passenger’s armrests are separate in the front seats, each set can be completely tailored to the preferences of the user.

The instrument cluster screen is 12.3 inches in size, while the multimedia screen is 10.25 inches. There is a lot of storage area and a useful storage location under the main tunnel. Seven pieces of luggage can fit in the trunk, and the back seats may be folded down to create more space in a 40-20-40 arrangement. The lavish Alcantara roller blind on the full-length panoramic glass roof glides back to reveal the surrounding landscape. A top-of-the-line Samsung/Harman sound system with 14 speakers and 800 watts of electricity provides the sounds.


The Aston Martin DBX is powered by a Mercedes AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine. 516 pound-feet of torque and 542 horsepower are produced by this engine. It is paired with an automatic transmission with nine speeds. The vehicle’s highest speed is 292 kilometers per hour, and it has a 4.5-second 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time.

Some of the important safety elements that come as standard on this car include the 360-degree camera system, the automatic highlights, and the front and rear parking sensors.

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