Rolls Royce Drophead

Dubai is the final and lovable destination for all tourists. In Dubai, you can travel freely anywhere you want. Dubai is the place where everyone can enjoy without worrying about age. Here, every souvenir is worth adoring; Above all, the most important thing, you won’t wanna miss is renting a car in Dubai. To enjoy your luxurious holidays, rent Rolls Royce Drophead Dubai.

This Rolls Royce Drophead will surely attract the people’s attention. Dubai has countless monarchs that you must see. With the help of Rolls Royce Rental Dubai, you have the opportunity to see your favorite places. 

Rolls Royce Drophead Rental Dubai, you can take on rent and go for a romantic date with your wife and collect the moment. If you are a family person then enjoy your vacation tirelessly by renting Rolls Royce. Regardless of whether you are a corporate dignitary, Rolls Royce can include notoriety to your persona when you are keeping watch to go to significant occasions or goals.

65% of Rolls-Royce cars are on the road today that were built a long time ago. You won’t regret hiring Rolls-Royce Drophead at all.

  • Engine / cylinders / valves: V / 12 / 48
  • Fuel management: Direct injection
  • Displacement: 6749 cc / 412 cu in
  • Stroke: 84.6 mm / 3.33 in
  • Bore: 92.0 mm / 3.62 in
  • Power output @ engine speed: 453 bhp / 460 PS (DIN) / 338 kW @ 5350 rpm
  • Max torque @ engine speed: 720 Nm / 531 lb ft @ 3500 rpm
  • Compression ratio / fuel type: Premium unleaded
  • Vehicle length: 5612 mm / 220.9 in
  • Vehicle width: 1987 mm / 78.2 in
  • Vehicle height (unladen): 1566 mm / 61.7 in
  • Wheelbase: 3320 mm / 130.7 in

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