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Audi A6 is an ideal choice for any demanding driver worldwide. It has an extremely redefined body and robust engines, with a basic powertrain of 252hp. It has a seven-speed transmission and also comes in a variant of front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive features consisting of an eight-speed automatic transmission. In order to experience the thrill of the Audi A6, rent an Audi A6 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other parts of the emirates and save yourself from public transport hassle.

Audi A6 is a popular car amongst all age groups because of its outstanding features, which are enough to keep everyone’s mouth wide open. So, it’s a great opportunity to benefit from Audi A6 rental in Dubai and live your dream.

Who can Rent Audi A6 in Dubai?

Anyone can Rent Audi A6 in Dubai as this is the car one can rent for a business trip or traveling with friends and families. So, whether you want to make your first impression on your boss or coworkers or want to spend some leisure time with your family and friends, Black Audi A6 will never disappoint you.

What makes an Audi A6 a perfect car?

Extremely comfortable, smooth and safe to drive, powerful engine, and at last looks super cool. All these features make an Audi A6 a perfect car.

Procedure of renting Audi A6 from Parklane Car Rental

If you want to book an Audi A6 or any other car with Parklane Car Rental, go to the “request quote” page and fill in all the details. One of our team members will contact you and provide you with all the crucial information.

Also, you can reach us at or +971529355555. We are always ready to serve you.

How many kilometers are allowed to drive in a day if I rent Audi A6 in Dubai?

A standard mileage limit you have to follow is 250 km/day and for every additional km you drive, you will be charged AED 5. However, get in touch with your car rental service provider to get additional information as every car rental company’s terms and conditions may fluctuate.

Is the Audi A6 a luxury car?

Undoubtedly, it’s a luxury car or we can also call it a sedan showering all the benefits you want in a luxury car.

Does the Audi A6 have a sunroof?

As of now, there is no sunroof; however, Audi A6 interior includes power panoramic sunroof.

How much does an Audi A6 rental cost in Dubai?

The rental cost of Audi A6 entirely depends upon the time period and destination. So, it is better to discuss upfront with the car rental company.

Outstanding features of Audi A6

Luxurious wheels

Audi A6 gives a rich feel outside and inside both. Renters can experience the high-end ambiance of the interior they had never before! Moreover, it comes with a three-zone automatic controller, so inhabitants can comfortably enjoy the ride without any obstacles. Having a three-zone automatic controller gives you the authority to personalize your cabin experience.

Excellent performance

Audi A6 offers an exhilarating and energetic drive – all credit goes to its powerful engine. It is a perfect combination of faster acceleration, finer handling, and a brake controller. Moreover, it has Quattro all-wheel drive that can survive on rough roads as well.

Elite interior

Audi A6 is a flawless blend of graceful design and shipshape material. It captivates everyone’s attention and that’s a fact. The classy has seating arrangements for five adults, giving you a super relaxed feel. Those looking for a 4-door sedan to feel royalty should indeed pick the black Audi A6 for rent in Dubai.

Equipped with the latest technologies

Audi A6’s best features are evolved around its latest technologies, including Bluetooth, MMI electronics interface, navigation, Apple Car Play, Satellite radio, media player interface, an 8-inch display, and the icing on the cake, a 10-speaker sound system with a CD player.

Need assistance? Call us at 971529355555. We would love to make your travel experience pleasing and bigger.

Smart machine

Audi A6 has an advanced driver-assist system; this way, you can focus more on your driving with zero distraction. So, while driving, you can feel relaxed and appreciate the outdoor views.

These features are enough to encourage you to rent Audi A6 in Dubai and experience the opulent driving experience with your loved ones.

Performance: 8.5sec 0-62mph, 140mph, 64.2mpg, 114g/km CO2

Weight / material: 1800kg / steel and aluminum

Engine: 1968cc 16v turbo diesel 4-cyl, 187bhp @ 3800-4200rpm, 295lb ft @ 1750-3000rpm

Transmission: Seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch, front-wheel drive

Dimensions (length/width/height in mm): 4943/1847/1461

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What documents do UAE residents need to rent a car in Dubai or any other part of the emirates?

The most common and essential documents UAE residents should have to rent any car in Dubai, or any other part of UAE are passport copy, residential visa copy, UAE driving license, and Emirates ID copy.

What documents do tourists need to rent any car in Dubai or any other part of the emirates?

If you are a tourist, you should carry a passport copy and a visit visa copy.  Also, it is obligatory to have an international driving license.

What payment options are acceptable in Parklane Car Rental?

At Parklane Car Rental, we prefer Credit Cards for security deposits.

How much do I need to pay to cross the Salik (toll gate)?

You have to pay AED 5 for crossing every Salik gate. However, the good news is you can pay the total amount once your rental duration is over. Further, car rental companies may directly deduct it from the security deposits. But you can pay that amount separately to avoid further confusion.

Does every car rental company offer car insurance?

RTA guidelines are applicable in every part of the UAE; therefore, you will have basic insurance by default. So, in case any mishap happens, like an accident that is not your fault, you can claim it for basic insurance, but you have to provide the police report from the time of an accident. However, some steps can be varied depending on the car rental company you select.

If you pick the Parklane Car Rental, you do not need to worry about any of these things as we believe in discussing everything upfront.

What are the age criteria to rent any car in the UAE?

According to the RTA guidelines, one must be 21 years old to rent any vehicle or car. However, depending on the car rental company’s issued insurance policy, somewhere between 23 to 25 years, it can fluctuate.

Are there any extra costs involved in renting a car?

Yes. It includes insurance policy, fuel, security deposit, and other things depending on your chosen car rental service. However, some car rental companies in Dubai or UAE include everything in the rental cost.

Who can else drive my rented car?

No one can. Only the registered user is eligible to drive a rented car.

How can I book or reserve a car at Parklane Car Rental?

If you want to book a car with Parklane Car Rental, go to the “request quote” page and fill in all the details. One of our team members will contact you and provide you with all the crucial information.

Can I get a refund in case I cancel the booking?

No. Once you book the car and proceed with the payment, you are not allowed to cancel a booking or get a refund.

Do you offer free pickup and delivery service to Dubai international airport?

Yes. Parklane Car Rental does offer free pickup and delivery service to Dubai international airport keeping customers’ comfort in mind.

Can I get vehicle delivery at the doorstep?

Yes, we offer vehicle delivery at the doorstep.

Do you charge for delivering a vehicle at the doorstep?

Well, it depends on the distance. If the location is too close, we will not charge and vice versa. So renters should confirm this at the time of booking.

Do you want to request a quote?