Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 463 For Rent In Dubai

Rent Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 463 from Parklane Car Rental in Dubai to enjoy the desert surfing. This car is specially built for desert with 4*4 all-wheel drive. Due to this car, your journey will become smooth on mountains, tough roads. 

Parklane Car Rental is widely known for luxury cars and the comfort they provide to each and every customer. Mercedes AMG G63 has white color outside and the interior is designed in black color. Rather than this, its inside incorporates NAPPA leather to cover the dashboard, selective differentiating topstitching.

 5 to 6 people can easily fit into it. Perfectly suitable for families. If you are in Dubai and want to enjoy the holiday with your family then it would be a great fit for you. Book your Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 463  now.

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